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From where we stand, there's a real need for a paranormal hub where people can discuss ghost pictures and psychics along with other phenomena including but certainly not limited to ufo's and cryptozoology.

The power of lies in the contributors to the organization and their continued efforts and support of discovery through the use of paranormal research and scientific research. Ghost hunting along with ghost hunters is just one way that bridges the gap between the need for paranormal answers and those with the questions. It seems that the ghost stories behind a led flashlight being told are not always untrue though in a lot of cases complex in nature.

A UFO, ghost, picture of ghosts, face, shadow person or other ghostly image may prompt you to find answers. Local paranormal investigation groups in your area are meeting up to discuss and encounter all types of activity from aliens to unexplained photos and ghost sightings and the like.

Paranormal investigators can find a society where they can share their videos, stories, pictures, research, phenomena, crop circles, ghost cams and all forms of phenomena; like true ghost stories and other info will be discussed.

EVP also known as Electronic Voice Phenomena and not to be mis construed with ESP has become very popular especially after the movie white noise. SCI FI, CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, CNN and other news networks have most certainly tried to delve into the paranormal spotlight as well.

Be it paranormal or haunted, I think it's safe to say that supernatural activity, real paranormal activity, and ufos could exist. Our paranormal research continues...